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Advanced Poker Tools

Allows you to extract stats into database of Holdem Manager 2, PokerTracker 4 and Hand2Note.


For people buying software by our site is available additional discount 20%. 


Tracker imports converted hands in real-time Chico, Aconcagua, Red Argentina, Spartan Poker, WWin Poker, PokerDom, EuropeBet, PokerMira, PokerMatch и GoodDay4Play, into Poker Tracker 4, Holdem Manager 2 и Hand2Note. Player receives a full access to tracker’s functionality, seriously raising skill cap over the field.


  • Simple and intuitive setup

  • Autoupdate system

  • Popular poker trackers support such as Holdem Manager, PokerTracker and Hand2Note

  • Free Connective Converter support various conversion formats which brings NoteCaddy into play

  • Automatic tables search and HUDs

  • Full control of the converter state, poker tables monitor, hands log, access to saved hands history files

  • Observer mode allows you to collect hands history without participating in the game

  • Relatively low RAM usage and CPU load

  • Our support team stand ready to assist you with all of your technical questions regarding Free Connective Converter

For PokerDom, EuropeBet, PokerMira, PokerMatch и GoodDay4Play - free!

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