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HUD for Hand2Note

Positional HUD for cash-players

HUD displays different stats to various players at the table depending on:

PLUS-EV HUD - is positional HUD for 9 max and 6 max cash-games. This HUD automatically displays statistics depending on player position. It has been as an alternative to huge HUD of PT4/HM2, for more comfortable playing and to reduce using POP-UPs. 

Position of the player

Relative position to Hero

Hands sample


Positional HUD is like a HUD of PT4 or HM2

стол хад.png

Review of HUD

HUD displays the stats depending on the following parameters:

- We are "raiser" IP

- We are "raiser" OOP

- We are "caller" IP

- We are "caller" OOP

When you have 3k hands or more on your opponent - stats in HUD will display a bit different information . Preflop - pos vs pos, postflop - wide and narrow range (EP-BTN; SB-BB).

Stat in HUD when we're "caller" OOP:

Stat in HUD when we're "raiser OOP" and more >3к hands:

Attention: 9 max HUD when we sit on СО, BTN or SB - as "open raiser" for opp "caller" in position SB-BB not "cold call" =  "fold to steal". For 6 max HUD when we sit on BTN or SB!

Stat in HUD when we're "caller" IP: 

Stat in HUD when we're "caller IP" and more >3к hands:


1. SB vs BB after 3к hands on opponent HUD displays stats  only in these positions.

2. In situation = Hero BB for Opp SB (or Hero SB for Opp BB) is added the extra stat (second line - is emphasized), 


1. Hero SB vs opp BB – how often BB makes Isolate after Limp SB (no action before)

2. Hero BB vs opp SB – how often SB makes Limp (no acation before).

Stat in HUD when we're "raiser IP":


Stat in HUD when we're "raiser IP" and more >3к hands: 


Stat in HUD when we're "caller OOP":


Stat in HUD when we're "caller OOP" and more >3к hands: 



HUD comprises POP-UPs for 9 max and 6 max cash-games - the difference is only in preflop stats. We created a lot of small POP-UPs. Every POP-UP is binded in HUD for comfortable playing, you can see it when you hover mouse over a stat.

Riase first




Fold to 3Bet


фолд ту 3бет.png



Fold to Cbet

фолд ту сбет.png

BB vs SB = SB vs BB

сб и бб.png

Cbet in 3bet pot

сбет 3бет.png

Raise cbet

рейз сбета.png

Fold to cbet in 3bet pot

фолд ту сбет 3бет.png
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