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We present you the most famous and widespread Internet wallets in which you can receive additional bonuses registering with our service.

Already registered users can join our bonus program if they are still not a member of another VIP program.


Electronic payment system that allows you to send and receive money, works in 185 countries and supports payments in 33 currencies.


15 USD Welcome Bonus for complete new Skrill customers

By using our Skrill Sign Up Promotion, you will earn $15 as new Skrill customer.

In order to receive the $15 eWallet Bonus you need to transfer least $15 from your Skrill Account to a Skrill Merchant made within the first 30 days of your registration.

Please note, your account need to be verified and only funds uploaded through a payment method you have added (bank account & credit card) do count for this promotion. Funds received through p2p transfers cannot be used to fulfill the requirements.

0.3% Cashback on your Transfers.

Every customer who joins our Skrill Bonus program earns 0.3% cashback for all outgoing transfers. This cashback comes in addition to the benefits from the regular Skrill VIP system. You can check up a full list of sites suitable for translation here. The 0.3% Skrill bonus is paid every month until the 20th.

This offer is suitable for every player who isn't a member of another affiliate.

1% Cashback up to 100 EUR for new Skrill VIP customers

Our Skrill clients who are not Skrill VIP yet, are able to join our exclusive Skrill VIP-Upgrade promotion that earn them up to 100 EUR Cash Bonus paid by Skrill in addition.

Faster upgrade to VIP-status



Our clients - 3000€

Regular clients - 6000€


Our clients - 5000€

Regular clients - 15000€


Our clients - 15000€

Regular clients - 50000€

You are already client Skrill:

1 Write to us we'll find out if you can take part in that promotion

Ner Skrill customers:

1 Delete cookies and restart broweser.

2 Register for Skrill with the following promotion link here.

3 As soon as you have transferred more than 3,000 EUR within 30 days to merchants, please write to us to get your account upgraded .

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